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Backlinks and Your Chances for proper SEO

A backlink is a link to a text or image that can be clicked to bring to your site. It can be placed on any website outside yours. The backlink is not the internal links of your page. That is, a link on your page that takes you to another page of your site. It is also not outgoing links, i.e. a link on your site that directs the user to another page external to yours. The origin of these links can be:

  • A forum,
  • A blog
  • An online sales site
  • social networks.
  • Or anywhere on the web

These links may be added by you or a third party who administers a website and is in partnership with you or a guest article. You can get backlinks in the best deals now.

Quality backlinks are important for SEO

However, abusing it can lead to your penalty. Indeed, several sites were banned by Google because they cheated with these links returns. Google is very intelligent, it has become increasingly difficult to satisfy, but especially to deceive. So if backlinks are important for your positioning, we must make sure to get them in a relevant way and also to ensure that they are of good quality.

A good quality backlink, what is it?

A backlink is said to be of good quality when it improves the user experience. It must fit naturally into a text. This is the main criterion for Google to take it into account. But the backlinks must also be:

  • Linked to the theme of your site
  • Coming from a popular site that has a lot of authority
  • Relevant and agree with source page and landing page

It is good to specify that Google takes precedence over quality rather than quantity. So, when you are looking for sites for these targeted links, focus on those that offer you a great capacity even if they are not numerous. You must also insist on studying the anchor. It must be part of keywords of the topic of the article or nevertheless in the semantic field.

How to buy quality backlinks?

When you are thinking of strengthening your SEO, the first thing you need to think about is acquiring quality backlinks. They are the easiest ways for your website to have the best optimization on Google.

If you have the means and for more security, you must simply take certified backlinks. This will save you the penalty of Google. In this case, it is only necessary to order them on a dedicated and professional site or to request the contribution of a qualified SEO who will have access to the SEO tools necessary to find these backlinks.