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Self-control in The Use of Social Media in Teenagers

For the community, especially teenagers, social media has become an addiction that makes users no day without opening the media social. Teenagers who have social media usually post about their personal activities, their stories, and photos. photo with friends. On social media, anyone can freely comment and express their opinions without feeling worried. This is because on the internet, especially social media, it is very easy to fake an identity with a fake id. In their development at school, adolescents try to find their identity by hanging out with their peers. But nowadays teenagers often think that the more active they are on social media, the more they will be considered cool and slang. Meanwhile, teenagers who do not have social media are usually considered old-fashioned or outdated and less sociable.

The word teenager comes from the Latin word adolescents which means to grow or grow into an adult. Adolescence shows clearly the nature of the transition or transition because adolescents have not yet obtained adult status and no longer have child status. Adolescence is a transitional period because, at that time, a person has left childhood but has not yet entered adulthood.

Teenagers who become hyperactive on social media also often post their daily activities that seem to describe their lifestyle that tries to keep up with the times. When these teenagers post the side of their life that is full of fun, it is not uncommon for them to actually feel lonely in their lives. Each individual is able to display a different self character when in the office virtual world with the real world.

In general, there are two factors that can affect the use of social media, namely internal factors such as control self-confidence, trust in social media applications, satisfaction with social media, and attitudes in using media social and external factors such as parental care in the form of behavioral control restrictions on adolescents.

In general, at the age of 15-17 years, adolescents are undergoing the role of high school students. The latest new learning system based on Information and Communication Technology or commonly called e-learning, the use of the internet for students in schools is increasingly being facilitated. The application of the e-learning system properly and appropriately can assist in supporting the teaching and learning process. However, the inability of students to control themselves in the use of smartphones, especially in the use of smartphones Social media will lead to addictive behavior.

Information technology in this modern era is growing rapidly in people’s lives, it can be seen in teenagers who access social media for their own satisfaction. Social media can change the behavior patterns of most teenagers into behaviors that are considered deviant. The purpose of the behavior that is considered deviant is that when most teenagers see or read news about crime in the media, most teenagers will do the same thing and other unwanted things.

It is undeniable that the existence of the internet provides convenience for its users, information, and entertainment from various parts of the world can be searched through the internet. The presence of social media can cause most teenagers to indirectly change their own behavior patterns which have an impact on the surrounding environment. Most teenagers admire social media such as Instagram, path, line, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook.

Therefore, it is necessary to have self-control from each individual teenager, especially students as a student, in order to be able to take advantage of these technological advances wisely, especially in the use of social media.