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Metal Detectors For the Security

Terrorism is one of the most concern topics of any country today. Many forces try to keep it in control, but they can’t. If we look at a previous era or late 80s / 90s aviation department is the most targeted place of India,Africa, etc. With the increasing of these attacks, the demand for metal detectors is grown.

Walk Through Metal Detectors 

Metal detectors are a great invention of technology; they are one of the first electric equipment in which sensors introduced. Walkthrough metal detector are important for public security. These detectors are mostly found at airports, railway stations, etc .

How Does It work ? 

Metal detectors use handled unit sensors swept to the ground when these sensors come in contact with metal objects for ex — Gun, bomb, knife, gold, etc. The machine immediately releases beep like the sound, so the operators of the machine get a notification. Metal detection is also necessary for some of the most visiting places, including malls, hospitals, temples. Walkthrough metal detectors are done in these places because of the concern of being theft, robbed. Apart from the security of the public’s concern, the technology used in these detectors is also used by pharmaceutical, food brands including nestle, parlays, healthy stay, etc. These detectors detect food materials dissolved in the time of processing , on the other hand, the same process is done in pharmaceuticals regarding the concern of the public’s health and quality promises done by these companies.

Types  Of Technology In Metal Detectors

There are three types of technology used in metal detectors beat frequency, very low frequency, pulse indicator.. Beat frequency metal detectors are one of the most widely used detectors because of its technology. It uses two spherical coils, one for the transmitter and another for the receiver. Easily understanding, the coils in the detector detect the object by sending the signal to the receiver with the help of the tuner.

. When it comes to VLI (VERY LOW FREQUENCY) detectors, they use the same method obtained by beat frequency detectors, and the differentiating part is it uses magnetic properties to detect the object. These detectors used for finding substances like gold, silver, iron, etc.

. Pulse indicator detectors are mostly used in biometrics technology types of equipment, mostly including cardio care machines like ECG (ELECTRO CARDIO GRAM), heart rate monitor, etc. The technology used in these detectors is a little different. Sensors in these detectors are made to receive signals deeply.

Metal detectors are one of the greatest inventions as of the public’s concern government officials. They reduced the crime rate by nearly about 65 percent in departments of aviation, nuclear facilities, parliament, etc. Some of the holy places which faced the theft, blast are today fully secured by cctv  inclusive of guard and many other security equipments but a part from all of that metal detectors plays a major role by two factor authentication used manually .