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Benefits Of Backup Appliances

These devices are integrated enterprise-grade systems that combine software and hardware, behaving as all-in-one solutions for Backup, with which to minimize storage needs and ensure efficient backups and fast recoveries. They are dedicated teams in which to centralize these tasks and especially recommended for companies that handle high volumes of data, those that by regulations must meet long retention periods and those that have recovery service level agreements.

The main advantage of these appliances, such as Dell EMC Data Domain, HPE StoreOnce 3100, or Barracuda, to name a few of the most recognized, is that they incorporate advanced data compression capabilities compared to other storage products that allow storage.

Regulatory Compliance And Encryption With Backup Appliances

Retention functions to ensure compliance with regulations is another attraction of Enterprise solutions. They allow compliance with secure retention requirements by blocking those files that cannot be deleted to meet regulatory standards.

Additionally, these types of systems like HPE StoreOnce VSA carry out the encryption of the stored information, thus protecting the data in the event of loss or theft, which also reinforces compliance with regulations.

These capabilities exist in the appliances, whatever their size. Many companies choose to combine several teams of different sizes. An interesting scenario is to use small teams for offices and delegations, and a larger one to consolidate all copies at the headquarters as a second repository.

Go From Backup With Appliance To Disaster Recovery

Once again, the IT environment in which the appliance is implanted is going to be the one that generally determines the choice of the device. One of the main tips for Backup and recovery is to always work with leading market manufacturers, as is the case with those mentioned because they are insured to guarantee any business continuity plan. Proof of this is the high compatibility they offer to combine with multiple protocols, gateways, and complementary software.