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Is Ethernet Internet Access Better Than Alternative Internet Options?

The Internet really changed the way people live their lives. Businesses use the Internet each and every day to communicate and make transactions with other businesses or customers. When the Internet first came out, people had to use a dial-up connection, which is very slow by today’s standards. DSL and Cable connections allowed people to surf the web faster than ever before, but there are other options out there, such as Ethernet Internet Access.

This article will discuss whether or not Ethernet Internet is better than DSL or Cable. The truth is that DSL or Cable Internet connections are good enough for a regular home or small business which will have only one to five users using the Internet at one time. However, DSL or Cable is not good for businesses that are going to have many people on the Internet at one time.

Businesses rely on productivity in order to get things done fast and make money more efficiently and having an unreliable internet connection will only cause frustration and a loss in revenues due to the slowness, downtime or time outs; there is a whole list of issues which come into play with DSL and Cable. DSL or Cable Internet connections simply do not met the demands of the growing business and busy business world. Ethernet internet is the new type of internet connection and pretty soon every business will need a faster connection to download all the files they need to share and transfer.

Large or small businesses may have well over 10+ people on the Internet at one time, which is when finding an Ethernet Service Provider becomes very important. Most DSL and Cable internet connections cannot keep up with 10 or more users on the Internet at one time. Ethernet Internet Access was originally used for datacenters and carriers to connect to each other and has now become one of the newest forms of internet connections offered to businesses today.

An Ethernet Provider should guarantee up and down speeds, scalable bandwidth from 3Mbps to 1000Mbps depending on the connection types, the hand off is simple RJ45 or Ethernet which is one of the most common connection method for networks. Ethernet Internet Access is mostly available in the metropolitan area’s and is not available in all areas so you need to confirm with the Internet Service Provider before placing your order. Ethernet Internet pricing is generally ranged from $300/mth and up depending on the location and provider.