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Genuine Internet Income Experts In Nigeria

Internet fraud has been a recurring stigma in the Nigerian Internet business community and the world at large.

Stories abound daily about foreigners fleeced of their hard-earned money by unscrupulous Nigerians on the Internet.

But can one fall victim of Internet fraud without being greedy? That’s a matter currently being debated in the different forums on the Internet and print media in Nigeria. Most people believe that those who fall victims of the fraudulent acts are all greedy.

A contributor in a recent post on warrior forum expressed his disgust about the subtle way so-called Nigerian Internet players perpetrate scams. But contributors believe that genuine Internet experts exist in Nigeria. The way to look at it is that the Internet is a global phenomenon. The Nigerians in the business should not be seen as residing in Nigeria physically but all over the world from where they operate.

Recently, a friend of mine on a social media lamented how he was duped on the Internet and is lost on how to stage a come back. He will need to find genuine Internet income experts in Nigeria to build his confidence.

The truth is, genuine Internet business experts are in Nigeria like it is in other locations and places across the world. But the question is, where can they be found and what kind of genuine Internet business do they engage in.

In an attempt to answer that question which may also be in many other people’s mind, a recent project was launched to identify the Internet experts in Nigeria so that prospective clients can find the right people to do business with safely and with peace of mind.

Curiously, these Nigerian Internet experts are mostly in their mid twenties and thirties. They are very young and behind the launching of new small-scale businesses in Nigeria right now ranging from Internet payment solutions to Internet marketing and information marketing. These are new lines of income opportunities destined to redefine the way business is done in Nigeria. Foreigners can now easily find genuine Internet experts in Nigeria to partner with and do real profitable business.

Who Are These Genuine Internet Income Experts In Nigeria?

Leading the way is the guru himself, Dr. Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase. He pioneered genuine Internet business in Nigeria. It should be on record that 75% of other genuine Internet experts in Nigeria learned the trade directly from his stable. They include:

Lateef Olajide, the CEO of Internet Marketing Nigeria,
Akin Alabi, the CEO of Alabi Forum,
Efe Imirem, a lady and CEO of Service Forts Ltd,
Onome Maureen, another lady and CEO of Rich Corper,
Dennis Isong, CEO of Experts Hosts,
Iyabo Oyawale, CEO of Iyabo Oyawale Forum
Paul Goodluck Oghogorie,
Samson Olatunde, the Rich Kid and others which space cannot allow to mention.

These Nigerian Internet Income experts reveal their secrets and show the way to do genuine Internet business in Nigeria in an Interview Series published monthly at