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Cable Internet 101: The Speed of Watching Videos

Cable internet has already attracted a lot of customers or subscribers around the world, and it continues to grow. There are lots of things for us to use the internet in various occasions, especially during emergency situations. We can search anything we want using the best search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. As we enter a bunch of keywords to the search box, hundreds of results will generate immediately in just one click of a button. This is where internet has been very powerful in terms of researching, and it’s better than spending your time borrowing books from the library.

Another way of using the cable internet is to download lots of digital files. It is where internet users are getting addicted to download any file they want. Digital files like pictures, MP3’s, movies, online games, flash games, eBooks, software are very common to most internet users. Sometimes they need to be careful in downloading them, because it’s not guarantee to download them safe. Some files may contain lots of viruses, malware, spyware, adware and a lot more. In order to download them safely, internet users must activate their Windows Firewall to block and prevent them from entering your computer’s hard drive.

But there is one thing that makes an internet user attracted in using the broadband internet. Millions of internet users love to watch videos and movies in their computer, rather than watching them on TV. We’re going to discuss about watching videos online with your broadband internet. If you are familiar of Youtube, Megavideo or Veoh, they are called as video sharing websites. When it comes to video sharing websites, people are sharing their own videos to a single community. It means that we’re able to share our videos for them to watch online. Not only they can watch videos online, but also to share it with other people.

But what is the relation between watching videos online to the cable internet provider? Cable internet is where you gain access to the internet by connecting a cable wire from your computer to a local cable company. Unlike broadband internet, they used to connect their users to the World Wide Web from their computer to a local telephone company. For wireless internet users, they are connected using a wireless router with antenna. Ethernet is no longer required for the wireless users to gain access with the World Wide Web, but it is considered to be optional. If we relate this to videos, it talks about the speed of streaming videos online.

Cable internet has a maximum speed of 12 megabytes (Mbps) per second, which is better than wireless and broadband internet. It means that your videos can buffer as fast as they can, in order to watch them online. Some internet users have lots of experiences about the slow buffering, and it results for you wait a little longer to watch videos without any interruption. If we want to avoid any interruption, all we have to do is subscribe to a local cable internet provider in our area. With cable internet, we can enjoy browsing, downloading and watch videos in a high-speed feature that others can’t beat.