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Is it a good idea to use emojis in marketing strategies?

Should we use or should we not? An eternal question we ask regarding using the emojis! Those harmless cute little faces might become a great sensation during one presentation and cause a serious trouble in the other.

How fair is it to use the emoticons, especially in the B2B marketing? This is a question we rather frequently seek an answer. We hear too many opinions and the solution for this is quite mixed.

A few companies like to use them with their clients to keep the overall mood right. Many stick to the old school thoughts, while others are skeptical about using them. The simple solution here is to go with how it validates your company’s values and goals.

It may be a somewhat better idea to use them. Here’s how!

The basic etiquette

Just like we follow simple rules when writing or creating content to share with the public. You need to be cautious about which emoji to use on the public platforms. You’re incorrect to think inserting an emoji of a flipping finger will get the reader in fun moon.

Most of the simple matters get sensitised in our world. So, it is ideal that you put your brand out of such loops. Understand the nuances of the emojis and the meaning behind its different combinations. When you know the boundaries, you can then create content with a fun element added to them.

In the subject line

In the subject line of emails, many companies are including dancing and look out emojis. It is a great way to attract your clients and enhance your open rate. Not only that, these simple emojis also depict the emotions like, a dancing emoji would mean that it’s time to celebrate the sale and discounts you are offering, etc.

While creating content for email is easy, the crucial task comes when you need to find the right target audience. Make it easy and create a massive list with a simple click by using email search tool, Its chrome extension can find email addresses on various platforms like LinkedIn and Gmail!

The social media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all these are a great platforms to explore your creativity. The best part about these platforms is that you get the response from your audience in real-time! You get instant response via comments and likes whether the audience has liked your content with emojis or not.

Brands can use the social media to communicate with their target audience. We see many brands interacting with each other merely with emojis. And, it is a fun show for the viewers! The platform’s versatility makes the interactions more interesting! How does your new logo feel? Ask them yourself through a poll! Quick them about your brand using the choose-the-right-answer option.

Final thoughts

Though they considered it a taboo before, emojis are slowing making its way into the marketing scene! People don’t want to read boring texts anymore and emojis add that extra oomph to the plain conversation.