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WP Reset Review – The Best WordPress Reset Plugin

Today on our blog, we are looking at the simple way to reset a WordPress Blog without any effort. With more than 18 Million installs, WordPress is the most-used open source CMS worldwide.

The simplest way we’ve found to rapidly reset the WordPress database is with the free WordPress Reset Plugin. This super powerful Plugin wipes out the users, blog entries, store items, portfolio things or whatever else you may have added to your WordPress Website.

It will delete,

Before proceeding with the WP Reset Plugin, you have to understand what it will delete and not. Resetting will delete,

  • All posts and pages
  • Custom post types
  • All Comments and Media entries
  • All users information
  • WordPress Data tables

It will not Delete,

It will not delete the following things from your WordPress Blog.

  • Media files because it remains in the wp-uploads folder
  • It will not delete your themes, plugins, and uploads
  • It will not delete WordPress site titles, site language and search engine visibility settings.

Why WP Reset?

You can find a lot of WordPress Plugins available to reset your WordPress Website or Blog but I have some solid reasons to choose WP Reset over other. Here we go with some of the notable features of WP Reset.

It is Free

Yes, the Plugin is absolutely free. You can download this plugin from the official WordPress. This is one of the reset WordPress Plugin with 99%, 5-star rating.

One Click Reset

This is one of the major attractive features of WP Reset Plugin. It is really easier than you imagine. You just want to download and install the Plugin and just click the Reset button whenever you need a fresh WordPress installation. It will take only seconds to reset.

Post-Reset Setup

I think you won’t need more explanations about the importance of this feature. Normally, other WordPress reset Plugins deletes your plugins and themes and you need you to reinstall them manually to use.

If you are resting your WordPress with WP Reset, it will reconfigure plugins and themes automatically.

Supports All Major Themes and Plugins

Plugin compatibility is one of the major issues nowadays. You won’t need to worry about WP Reset because WP Reset Plugin is compatible with all major themes and plugins.

It does not modify or delete any Files

WP Reset Plugin doesn’t modify or delete any core files, plugins, theme or uploaded ones.

If you are developing your new WordPress Website and testing a lot of features and you want to reset your site regularly, Just search for “WP Reset” in your admin “Add New Plugin” screen. Also, check WordPress htaccess from the same team that helps you to edit the .htaccess file directly from WordPress admin.