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Stop doing this if you want to rank higher on Google in 2019

Do you really want to reach on that first page of Google? You keep trying harder but it has been months and you are still far from that first page. On the other hand, you can see your competitors enjoying that position. You wonder if that could be possible for you one day.

What you might be doing wrong?

You have been writing content more than ever. You are using the right keywords but still it is not working for you. What could be wrong here?

  • Your content is irrelevant. If your content is irrelevant to your niche or your target audience then you are making a big mistake. Content must be relevant if you really want to get more and more organic traffic and want to rank higher.
  • You are not writing informational content that provides value. Your content is not solving any problem of the people. People tend to like the content that solves any of their problems. People are always looking for solutions and if you could provide one, you can get some positive points to rank higher.
  • You are not using location specific keywords. You might not be using location specific keywords. You should rank higher in your state and country first. If you are living in Bangkok and run an SEO agency, you must make sure that your name pops up on the first page of Google when people search seo agency bangkok. You can connect with people in your own country better than people living in other countries.

Never hesitate to seek professional help

You can always reach out to professionals to help you with your rankings. A good digital marketing agency would help you with all aspects of digital marketing. They would help you with SEO, SMM, Email marketing and everything else. They know their job and their results would be quick and better.